Packaging Solutions

How to Choose the Right Packaging Solution For You

Are you looking for packaging solutions for your products? Packaging solutions can make or break your future sales. A good wrap or case not only means that the product is to be delivered safely and securely, but it should also consider the values of branding, demographic appeals, the cost of producing these packages, functionality and sustainability.

You can either go plain and simple packaging solutions for your products or colourful and creative packaging, but you must not forget the main functionality or the purpose of the packaging and that is to deliver the product unbroken and undamaged.

With the advent of technology, more and more people are now going green and it is a trend that is not going to pass any time soon. As people become aware of and join this cause, you want to make sure that you are doing your bit for the cause. Use recyclable materials that result in the least amount of wastage.

Packaging products are a great way to market your brand. Customers should be impressed when they looks at their parcel, he should be excited and look forward to it. Your package is going to go through a lot of offices, departments and cities before it reaches its final destination, which means a single package will be handled and viewed by potentially a hundred people. This is a great opportunity to send the right message.

While you are working hard at communicating the right message, creating a brand image and working on providing functionality as well as sustainability, it is also important that you must keep your costs in check. Every product or products that is packaged and sent for delivery comes with an added cost that must be considered. You do not want to go overboard as things can quickly escalate and result in a damage for your company.

Tips in providing after sales service in an automotive industry

im-te-sales-afersalesBeing able to offer great after sales customer service is one of the reasons to keep a customer’s loyalty to your company. More and more automotive companies are developing different strategies just to maintain their customers not only by offering the newest features and design on each and every model that they launch, but also in providing great after sales services. To win customer retention, you have to provide excellent after sales services so that they wouldn’t regret investing in your company, and you can assure that you will not lose your clients anytime sooner than you expected.

Always provide them with the advanced booking

No customer wanted to spend their hours in the long line of your service center. Particularly for visits that were not planned, it will eventually cause a delay in term of the service delivery, and it would eventually disappoint your customer after that.

However, you could prevent this from happening by encouraging them in booking a maintenance appointment in advance so that they can assure that they will be served immediately without delays and they will have the maximum attention of your customer service. In that way, your customer service center will be able to help all of your clients efficiently, and they wouldn’t be able to miss their maintenance schedule. For support programs that do not plan, customers will always move the date to fit into their schedule and convenience too, and it will also affect how the vehicle would perform soon after.

after-sales_715x230mbProviding an exceptional after sales service just means that you are going to provide an excellent maintenance work for their models and always keep them first in line.

Providing a waiting lounge and additional services

Usually, customers would just be waiting inside of their cars while waiting for their turn. However, if you wanted to show much you value your customer, then you should think about giving them a more relaxed and peaceful waiting lounge. You can invest in a room for your clients so that they can wait while sitting on a comfortable couch instead of just sitting inside their car. You can also add some entertainment, such as television or Wi-Fi area, serve some coffee and provide some magazines to keep them from getting bored. Not only that it will help them in killing their time, but they could also enjoy their experience with your service center and wouldn’t hesitate going back if there’s a problem that they wanted you to help them with.

Provide some tips and guidelines

As much as possible, you should let your customer understand how valuable their vehicles are. If you can, you should personally talk to them about giving tips on how to maintain their car and extend its service life. Make sure that they know how to properly check the oil and choose the right products that you wanted them to use for their models so that it will run efficiently.

If you wanted to save time talking the same matter, again and again, you could provide some booklets and guidelines when they purchased the vehicle with everything that they needed to know about maintaining their am-bi755_cauto_p_20150428054136cars and keeping them from getting damaged.

Manage your relationship with your customers

By the end of the day, you should be able to provide satisfaction to your client by offering exceptional maintenance services. Make sure that you have a personal interaction with them because it tightens and creates a strong bond between you and the customer. Being able to remember their name and taking some time to talk with their vehicle is one way to go.